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2 Months away from Dubai

It has been the first time, in 12 years, that I am away from Dubai for entire 2 months (plus, minus 2 days).

Reasons behind the trip weren’t happy ones, neither the thousands of kilometers I not only flew but drove (somehow I discover I don’t like much to drive anymore, neither fly), however the time spent back home and with dear ones was somehow not enough. I enjoyed like possibly never before the cloudy skies, the rain, the known culture, the friendly and familiar atmosphere. My queendom! Our.

I know that maybe because I am maturing is that now I reconcíliate with everything that has happened in my life. Or simply probably now I understand why everything has happened.

I went home to say good-bye to a dear uncle, Light of many lives, and stayed sharing my light with so many others. Just the way it should be.

I come back to Dubai with my heart full. I can not write in this text how much staying with family and friends has meant to all of us. Because I do believe that was important for all of us that shared moments, not only for me.

It meant a lot to my family constellation: brothers, mother, nephews and niece, I trust. And it even meant to my late grand parents (difficult to explain)…

It was not enough. I could have stayed forever. Because I lived the present moment and I did not need anything else. But my real home, the work of my own creation, plants, cats, husband, work, clients, dream, are also waiting for me to come back and do the work.

Everything that has happened in my life I’ve somehow designed it, and I come back happy, because I know there is so much more coming up: my relationships finally are all of harmony, peace, growth, love. Now I am certain that my purpose is to serve and I have also found the way to do it. And by serving I also serve myself with a big, fat, massive spoon: I have been blessed and will be even more.

A blessed person has also a lot of responsibility, and I am just ready to take mine as never before. Dubai: bring it on!

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