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I am NOT always kind.

I am NOT always kind.

Despite my own ideas of self-super powers, I am not always kind. As probably most I struggle with mindset and mental strength.

However, when I manage to be kind, a lot of good stuff happen almost immediately and I wanted to share one of them:

I used to work with certain colleague in previous Real Estate brokerage. I don't know for how long he was there but didn't really managed to close any deals. Environment was not ideal and after I left he also found himself looking for a better place to work, he reached out and I recommended him to the workplace I am in, talking honestly about the pros and cons. He reached out the recruiter, and the rest is history:

After just couple of months in this new Agency, where we are treated as business partners: he closed such a big deal, that is now waiting to be paid over 1.1 M AED in commission.

I was so happy to learn this, and so happy he was happy I linked him to the recruiter.

This is not my doing, of course, but always when I am kind and give people attention and care, something good happens.

Does it also happen to you that you see the results of your kindness quite immediately?

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