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About to turn 41.

When I was 20, I thought that at 24 she would have a family and a career. Nothing else was clear in my “vision”… At 24, already with a career, I said “maybe at 28 I will get married”… At 28, surely the last thing I thought about was none of it: I had been admitted to Emirates, the famous airline and I was to fly the mother airship, the Airbus 380 (top of the top, chosen among the 10% of accepted of the already 5% of successful applicants; that is: of 1,000 people who wanted to be flight attendants for Emirates, 50 were accepted, and of those 50, only 5 were chosen to fly the mother plane).

Yesterday a friend asked me, do you know that you are lucky? I think I've known that for a long time. I have not known it forever, for I did not know it before and for a long time I have not honored that fortune. I don't know if I'm going to know how to respond well for the talents that were given to me; but I am aware that I have them. Less than many, and more than most.

So, I am special. I'm given the luck of understanding more things than most people I know, so I'm seen as arrogant by many. I had not considered myself arrogant, simply with a natural a lack of patience. For example: children crying for their mother in kindergarten, when I was 3 years old, already seemed pathetic to me. But I never considered it arrogance, I just wanted something more, I didn't belong to that environment of crying children who learned to go to the bathroom when I was already able to take care of myself. I wasn’t missing my mom: that cool lady; I liked her, but I didn't belong to her. I wanted to explore life by myself.

I navigated adolescence and early youth between participating in everything I could, and making every possible mistake. I learnt, I grew, and I hurt myself a lot. Because that's how it had to be. Then I ran away. I discovered that it didn't have to be this way. I stepped out of my cultural safety circle to heal myself, and discover that I am amazing. As amazing as I suspected to be, I am. As good as I dreamed of being, I am. As beautiful as I ever dreamed of being, I am. I possess the magic, I am a Goddess, I create my own reality and my well-being.

Not only that, I am also a white witch: I carry peace, love, tranquility, magic wherever I go. Not always, because I keep boycotting myself.

I am this imperfectly perfect person. I have many more blessings than I imagined I could have not only at 40 but in a lifetime: I have so many people who love me and for whom my heart explodes with gratitude.

I am healthy. My body is very resilient and has even taken better shape than it did in my younger years.

My brand, business, abundance, has many participants and benefactors; I just need to walk the path and adopt them as part of the wealth. I am millionaire.

And you, what personal story are you telling to yourself?

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