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Aló, my name is Francisco Vargas, but you can call me Paco.

I´m from Mexico City, I have experience to management level, mainly in commercial area and customer service in different business, in my experience, worked on development of commercial plans to increase sales, negotiations, strategic plans for MKT, negotiations with internal customers, external, wholesale distributors and retailers, management and employee growth, attention to annoying customers, expansion and improvement with business partners / internal and final customers.

With a deep sense to cover the needs of the customer and the firm conviction of providing a unique experience.


I visited Dubai two times, and it never ceases to surprise me, the last time, I was invited to be a part of this project, and I decided to accept the challenge why? Because NOW is the best moment is to invest in Dubai, in my last travel to Emirates, we visited construction companies, brokers, projects in different zones of Dubai and I had the opportunity to compare with different markets and understand the business. 

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