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Imperial Avenue

My briefing


"Imperial Avenue has all what a project needs to be a success: it's 6 D BIM technology is simply not seen in the region, being ahead of Burj Khalifa with the newest Sustainability technology; apart from the large landscaped gardens, ample sports and social venues, the water recycling units, water purifiers on each apartment, etc. Once ready I strongly believe the appreciation of the units will be of at least 20%. The future as Airbnb spot is almost guaranteed.

It is a project where I could definitely put my money, and also suggest my investors to buy whilst there is still availability."

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Payment Plan

10% down payment

10% during construction

20% on handover

60% post-handover within 24 Months

  • 1, 2 & 3 BR APARTMENT 

  • 4 & 5 BR PENTHOUSE 


Starting Price: AED 1.85 M Onwards

The Imperial Experience at Downtown Dubai 

Pannelli fotovoltaici

Solar Panels

Solar Panel on the roof provide 

centrally heated water supply 

in individual apartments. It reduces the overall electricity and maintanance costs.

Ascensore moderno

High-speed Elevators

Imperial Avenue has 13 high-speed elevators, which can take you to higher floors within seconds. With this facility, you can go from level 0 to level 45 in approx 44 seconds.

Annaffiare il giardino

Greywater Treatment

For the first time in Dubai

residental bulding, greywater treatment plants have been installed as a sustainable source of water for landscapes, common areas, car wash and toilet cisterns.


LPG Connection

Your home at Imperial Avenue comes with an LPG connection. We have attemped to move away from the electric cooking range, a more sustainable energy source.

Acqua semplice

Water Purifiers

Every apartment has a drinking water purifier. Such an amenity has been offered for the first time ever in residential apartments in Dubai.

Edificio a più piani


6D BIM, Building Image Model process, a transformational technology has been introduced for the first time in Middle Esat and Africa. It helps to bring down the maintanance cost substantially.

Download brochure Imperial Avenue

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