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Originally from Chihuahua, Mexico, I left my hometown in 2010 to follow a dream of traveling the world. I already had 7 years' experience in Media (hosting a TV show, radio presenter, reporter, National Census media coordinator), Politics (coordinating a media campaign) and Customer Service (Air hostess in AeroMexico). The experience in AeroMexico and formerly having represented Mexico in beauty pageants around the world (Korea, China, Malaysia, and Bahamas), led me to pursue more international lifestyle becoming an Air Hostess at Emirates. I was selected to fly the Airbus 380 and enjoyed 9 years of the highest standards of work and lifestyle based in Dubai. I left Emirates leading teams as Cabin Supervisor. 


When my contract was not renewed in 2019 and having investments in Real Estate that needed either liquidation or more cash injection, I decided to join the Industry in the most prolific city of the world, my now home Dubai. 


I started officially in July 2019 and in a short period I started breaking records of highest number of transactions, top performer, etc. I had a strong pipeline attending the needs of my ex-colleagues in the airline and then Covid happened. Had to start all over again and spent months not making any profit during 2020. 


End of that year and beginning of 2021 my scenario in Real Estate was better: I had already some experience and had conducted several transactions. I finished 2021 as the Female leader at the company I was associated with. Part of my journey was filmed by BBC in their “Dubai, Playground of the rich” documentary, part 2. 


In 2022 I decided to join the big leagues, taking my Real Estate business to the next level: joined Belleview Real Estate Broker, a high commission brokerage where the environment is more of a business owner: just what I imagined it should be.

I best perform representing buyers, hence my “Real Estate Concierge” service. I also work with committed sellers and even though I have made a lot of mistakes, I always try to represent at the best of my abilities all my customers. Being a native Spanish speaker, I have naturally served many customers with the same background. 


In a hectic and ever-changing industry plagued with competition, I pride myself being The Best Real Estate Concierge in Dubai. 

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