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I am Gabriela Morales, from Monterrey, Mexico, my journey has been focus in customer service since I started my first job in a movie theater and some other part-time jobs I had after, performing the same role.
In 2007, my career began, which became more than a job, a passion. As a flight attendant for 13 years at Aeromexico, traveling the world, visiting many countries, meeting so many people from different cultures, led me to make the decision to close a beautiful cycle and starting a new chapter in my life, in the city of Dubai, a place that can offer you too many opportunities and more than that, it is a place full of challenges, that is why I decided to be part of the real estate field, competitive, challenging and ambitious, also of course to continue providing the best service and connect with people from all over the world, because here is the perfect place to do it, under the wing of my mentor, creating a great project that I know will give us a very valuable reward  in many ways.

 It is a small but important part of my professional career.


The story has just begun...

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